Our Photos and Projects for the People of Haiti

What We Do / Projects


Ekipe Haiti oversees the operation of the Grace Divine School, a K-6 Christian school located in the village of Cadouche. This village is about 9 miles outside the city of Cap Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city. This school has an enrollment of around 100 students plus 7 teachers. Through our student sponsorship program, you can ensure that every student receives a Bible, has tuition, a uniform, the necessary books and supplies, plus a meal each day. In many cases, that may be the only nutritious meal the child gets that day, seeing as the average person in Haiti lives on around $2 per day.

Teacher Training

We regularly hold teacher education workshops for the teachers of the Grace Divine School. Our Director of Education organizes teams of teachers from here in the US to travel down and help the teachers of the school learn new techniques that will enhance the learning of the students while keeping the education process fun and interesting for both sides.


Throughout the year we take teams of healthcare professionals to hold clinics in the village of Cadouche and other local areas, where routine healthcare is not readily available.

Camp Ekipe

Each summer we hold a day camp for the children of the school and the village of Cadouche. During the day they rotate through stations such as Bible, History, Science, Language, Sports, and Crafts. It is common to have 100 or more children each day of the camp, and the joy is evident by the smiles on their faces. Every child is fed a nutritious lunch each day of the camp.

Land Development

Ekipe Haiti owns 5 acres of property halfway between downtown Cap Haitien and the village of Cadouche. We are partnering with another organization to train people to use the drip irrigation process to grow produce that can sustain them, their families, while also providing a way to generate income for themselves.

Other projects for this land will include bee keeping (for honey, wax, and pollination of the plants), raising goats, raising chickens, and other endeavors that prove to be beneficial for the overall mission of equipping the people of Haiti to live better lives.